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13 Flags and Penalties

Use of Flag

Chapter 13. Flags and Penalties
Pg. 48

Use of the Flag
Correct penalty enforcement can be
facilitated if the flag is thrown properly.
There are two ways to throw the flag:
into the air or carefully to a spot. The
latter is used when a spot foul occurs
(PlayPic A). Since the spot of the foul
may be the enforcement spot, the
official must get his flag as close as
possible to the location that the foul
occurred. If the flag is off target, the
official should relocate the flag as soon
as possible after the play by picking it
up and moving it definitively. The longer
you delay making this correction, the
more it will appear you are manipulating
the situation. Also, attempting to kick it
to the correct spot denotes laziness and
discredits the accuracy of your call.
For dead-ball fouls or fouls
simultaneous with the snap, the flag
should be tossed into the air directly in
front of the official (PlayPic B).
A few techniques to avoid: slamdunking
the flag to the ground; looking
angry when you toss it; holding the
flag and waving it, instead of throwing
it; pointing at the player and flippantly
tossing it as if to say “gotcha” or
throwing it at the fouling player. On late
hits, the latter looks confrontational and
worse yet, might hit the player in the