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04 Pregame Meeting

Time Out Responsibilities

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting
Pg. 19

Timeout Responsibilities
Review who is timing the timeout and
where officials are positioned during the
timeout Review who will tell the coach
how many timeouts each team has
remaining. The coach should be told how
many timeouts each team has left after
every charged team timeout.
The Referee should remind the crew
that if an official coach-referee conference
is requested, the Referee must have the
wing official on that coach’s side on hand
to monitor the conversation.
Injured Officials
Discuss how the crew will adjust
assignments if an official is injured or
becomes too ill to work. Which officials
will move where is up to the crew, but
generally a four-man crew works without
a Line Judge and a five-man crew works
without a Back Judge when a crewmate
is ill or injured.


Essential that we all confirm at each time out with ALL 5 officials, the numbers of timeouts used and left for each team.

i understand that we had a 4 timeout granted by a crew. This cluster and embarrassment may have been avoided if the crew would have been making this an important part of their pregame and the way that they are doing things in a game!

this is "a Attention to detail" kind of things that way too many of us take for granted. Oh we talked about this last week or it never happens to us attitude is way too prevalent !

be a firm believer that the more you talk about things the less you "f up" things

mistakes are going to happen! We all make them for sure. But there can be less of them if we all quit taking the pregame and half  time and post game conferences for granted!