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04 Pregame Meeting

Position Coordination

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting
Pg. 19

Position Coordination
During the pregame meeting there
should be dialog between certain officials
which work directly with one another
in addition to the routine pregame

Referee-Umpire. Cover counting the
offense and communicating the count.
Spotting the ball and how the Referee
will release the Umpire before the RFP
whistle. Explain how the release will be
communicated when the offense is on
the ball ready to snap. What will be done
differently in the hurry-up offense? Review
the communications and procedures that
will occur when enforcing a penalty.

Referee-Wings. Review how a short
count (10 or less) of the offense will be
communicated. The wings must know
this to ensure there are seven players
on the line. End of play communication
as to whether the ball became dead
in or out of bound. Review signals/
communications when a five-yard
penalty on the defense will result in a first
down. What cues the flip of the down
marker and the release of the chain crew
after punts and long plays? Review the
procedure at the end of the first and third

Referee-Back Judge. Discuss how
tight delay of game will be called.

Umpire-Wings. The most important
communication which takes place
between these officials is getting the
forward progress spot. Discuss the
situations in which cross field mechanics
will be utilized and how that will be
communicated. The Umpire can remind
wings that he will only assist wings in
locating the ball at the goal line if in a
pile otherwise no communication will
be provided. Review assistance needed
on line of scrimmage coverage on pass
plays regarding ineligibles behind the
Umpire and screen passes that go
beyond the line of scrimmage.

Linesman-Line Judge. Signaling
whether the nearest player is on or off
the line must be accomplished on every
scrimmage play. The wing from which
a player in motion is moving away has
responsibility for ruling on the legality of
the motion. Are any other keys changed?
Quick passes to the flank: Review who
has forward or backward; no signal will
be used. Review penalty procedures
including obtaining nature of all fouls,
then reporting back to respective

Wings-Back Judge. Review the goal
post procedure on kick tries and field
goals and who has the whistle and over/
under. Signaling must be synchronized.
Communication on double flags for pass
interference must be discussed. What if
one official passes on the interference?
Discuss coverage on a punt. Discuss
counting the defense and signaling the