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05 On-Field Pregame

On-Field Preliminaries – Continued

Chapter 5. On-Field Preliminaries
Pg. 22

When Pregame duties are complete the crew should meet to share the
information gleaned while the teams were
warming up. Avoid a mid-field gathering
that may interfere with pregame
ceremonies and focus undue attention to
the officials.

Avoid standing in a circle of officials.
Even if discussions are productive, this
may give the impression that the officials
are goofing off. Discussions can wait until
teams go back into the locker room or
they end their pregame warm-ups.
Discuss unusual plays or formations
either team may have either that were
observed or mentioned by the coaches.
If necessary, the Back Judge and Line
Judge should get their captains from
their locker rooms in time for the coin

National Anthem
During the playing of the National
Anthem, it’s important to project an
image that commands respect once the
game begins. Officials should stand at
the 50 yard line with their heads erect,
facing the flag (not lowered facing the
ground), hat held over the heart and there
should be absolutely no talking, laughing,
spitting or chewing during the playing of
the Anthem.