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26 CFOA Philosophies

Offensive Pass Interference Philosophies

Chapter 26. CFOA Philosophies
Pg. 107

Offensive Pass Interference
Actions that constitute offensive pass
interference include but are not limited to
the following four categories:
• Initiating contact with a defender by
shoving or pushing off thus creating
separation in an attempt to catch a
• Driving through a defender who has
established a position on the field.
• Blocking downfield during a pass that
legally crosses the line of scrimmage.
• Picking off a defender who is
attempting to cover a receiver by
contacting him.
Not Offensive Pass Interference
Offensive pass interference will not be
called on a screen pass when the ball is
overthrown behind the line of scrimmage
but subsequently lands beyond the
expanded neutral zone (two yards) and
linemen are blocking downfield, unless
such blocking prevents a defensive
player from catching the ball.
It is not offensive pass interference
on a pick play if the defensive player
is blocking the offensive player when
the contact occurs and doesn’t make a
separate action, or if the contact occurs
within two yards of the line of scrimmage.