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26 CFOA Philosophies

Kicking Game Philosophies

Chapter 26. CFOA Philosophies
Pg. 109

Kicking Plays
The kicker’s restraining line on onside
and short pooch kickoffs should be
officiated as a plane. Any player (other than
the kicker or holder) breaking the plane
before the ball is kicked should be called
for offside. The same plane applies on
normal kickoffs, but officials should not be
too technical in regard to players breaking
the plane.
It shall always be roughing the kicker if
there is forcible contact to the plant leg,
whether that leg is on the ground or not. It
shall be running into the kicker if a defender
simply “runs through” the kicking leg.
All other contact shall be based on the
severity and the potential for injury to the
When in question:
• It is roughing rather than running into
the kicker/holder.
• A ball is accidentally touched with the
foot rather than intentionally kicked.
• A fair catch signal is valid rather than
• The player has not touched rather than
touched the ball.
• The ball has been muffed rather than