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23 Intermission


Chapter 23. Intermissions
Pg. 99

When the clock expires at the end
of the first half, the Referee should
first ensure there are no flags lying on
the ground. He then confirms with the
Back Judge that there are no timing
issues and holds the ball above his
head with one hand to indicate end of
the quarter.
Once both teams have left the field,
the Back Judge should start the game
clock for halftime. The timer should
put 15:00 (or previously agreed upon
amount) on the clock. He should also
keep the time on his watch.
The crew must be back on the field
before the start of the mandatory
warm-up period. The Referee should
get second half options (kick, receive,
choice of goal) directly from the head
coach in the presence of the sideline
official. The Back Judge should secure
a ball from Team K upon its return to
the field.
The Line Judge and Back Judge
should be near the team huddles and
work with the coaches to get the teams
on the field. They should not go to
kickoff positions until teams are on the