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04 Pregame Meeting

Game Tendencies – Game Managment

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting
Pg. 18

Game Tendencies
If you know of some team history
that may affect the game, discuss it.
For example, if the two teams were
involved in a fight the last time they
met, you may want to talk about
those ramifications on the game and
the players’ and coaches’ attitudes.
Officials should share knowledge or
past experience about teams offense
and defense tendencies, special plays,
players with exceptional abilities (such
as long distance kickers, strong passers
etc.) acts that may challenge the rules,
and things to watch in pregame warm

Game Management Issues:
Confirm start time and synchronize
watches with game clock to avoid
taking the field late and complications
with coin flip and kick off schedules.
Discuss halftime duration or special
events during halftime (such as home
Review Mercy Rule impacts to game
clock. If the weather is threatening,
discuss how the crew will handle a
suspension of play due to lightning.
Special Coverage
Discuss what to do in the event
of hurry-up offense, obvious onside
kick situation, etc. The crew should
also decide how it will handle fights or
similar altercations.