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23 Intermission

End of Game

Chapter 23. Intermissions
Pg. 100

End of Game
When the game is over, the Referee
holds the ball over his head and the
official’s jurisdiction typically ends. If he
does that without knowing there was a
foul on the last play, the game cannot
end until the penalty is addressed. If he
fails to do so, the official’s jurisdiction
ends when the Referee leaves the field.
However, the game officials retain clerical
authority over the game through the
completion of any reports, including
those imposing disqualifications, that
are responsive to actions occurring while
the game officials had jurisdiction. Any
post-game confrontations with coaches
or fans, or any other acts observed by
the officials that reflect negatively on the
game, must be reported to CHSAA.
All officials must promptly leave the
field together when the game is over. Do
not take the time to shake hands with
coaches or each other. The later can
be perceived by a disgruntled fan as,
“Wow! They think they did a great job.”
It is recommended that you wait until
you arrive at the official’s dressing room
before making any facial expressions or
comments about the game. Remember,
there are many disgruntled eyes on you
during this time.