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22 Dead Ball Officiating


Chapter 22. Dead-Ball Officiating
Pg. 98

No one is to be disqualified from
the game prior to consultation with the
Referee. The matter should be discussed
among all officials who observed the
incident. If the incident involved a fight,
officials must be certain they have the
correct number of all culprits. Coaches
disqualified from a game must remain
out of “sight and sound” of their team
for the duration of that contest and not
to participate in any coaching activities
after they’ve been ejected. They may not
address their team at halftime and may
not go to the press box. Ejected coaches
must be reported to and become the
responsibility of Game Management.
Other than coaches, anyone disqualified
from the game may remain within his
team area. If there are aggravating
circumstances, any offender could
be ejected from the stadium area. All
disqualifications should be reported to
both coaches. All disqualifications must
be reported to CHSAA within 24 hours.
The referee should obtain the names of
all ejected personnel at the time of the