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26 CFOA Philosophies

Defensive Pass Interference Philosophies

Chapter 26. CFOA Philosophies
Pg. 107

Defensive Pass Interference
Actions that constitute defensive pass
interference include, but are not limited to,
the following six categories:
• Early contact by a defender who
is not playing the ball is defensive
pass interference provided the other
requirements for defensive pass
interference have been met, regardless
of how deep the pass is thrown to the
receiver. When in question the defensive
back has legally initiated contact.
• Playing through the back of a receiver
in an attempt to make a play on the ball.
• Grabbing and restricting a receiver’s
arm(s) or body in such a manner that
restricts his opportunity to catch a
• Extending an arm across the body
(arm bar) of a receiver thus restricting
his ability to catch a pass, regardless of
whether or not the defender is looking
for the ball.
• Cutting off or riding the receiver out of
the path to the ball by making contact
with him without playing the ball.
• Hooking and restricting a receiver in
an attempt to get to the ball in such a
manner that causes the receiver’s body
to turn prior to the ball arriving.