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04 Pregame Meeting

Crew Communications

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting
Pg. 18

Crew Communications
Go over signals used to communicate
between officials (receivers on or off the
line, “two sticks” for a first down, “clock
stops” after fourth down etc.). Review
which crew members are responsible
for counting players and the signals
that will be used to indicate a team has
enough or too few players. Remind
officials who are sharing coverage to
make eye contact and to practice good
dead-ball officiating. Punts that go out of
bounds in flight require coordination via
hand signals. Discuss what to do in the
event the Referee does not have the out
of bounds spot.
Reporting Fouls to the Referee
The Referee should tell crew members
how he wants fouls reported to him.
Does he want the official to identify the
offending team by team name or by
referring to them as offense and defense?
Remind officials to give the number of the
fouling player and to indicate the status of
the ball at the time of the foul (loose ball,
dead ball, etc.) and the result of the play
(incomplete pass, scoring kick was good,
Remind wing officials they are to tell
the coach who committed the foul, the
nature of the infraction and any special
enforcement (loss of down, quarter
extended for an untimed down, etc.).