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Chain Crew – End of Quarter

Chapter 6. Chain Crew Pg. 26 End of Quarter At the end of the first and third quarters, the chains need to be moved to the opposite end of the field. All officials shall record the down, distance and clip position. The Linesman uses a second clip to place on the chain where the box is. […]

Chain Crew – Procedures 2

Chapter 6. Chain Crew Pg. 25 On long gains or after a change of possession, the Linesman shall wait for the Referee’s signal before directing the chains to move. All spots are taken from the forward point of the ball. The box holder is not to change the down or move the box until the […]

Chain Crew – Procedures

Chapter 6. Chain Crew Pg. 25 Procedures When a first down is declared, the Linesman goes to the sideline and marks the spot for the down marker holder with his downfield heel. The chains are then set according to the position of the box. The chain is clipped along the sideline before it is moved […]

Line to Gain Equipment Inspection

Chapter 6. Chain Crew Pg. 24 Inspection The chain should be taped at its midpoint. The tape helps determine if Team A will achieve a first down on a five-yard penalty, thus precluding the need for a measurement. For instance, if the box is three links behind the tape and Team B is flagged for […]

Chain Crew – Pregame

Chapter 6. Chain Crew Pg. 24 Before the Game It is important for the Linesman to have a thorough pregame meeting with the chain crew. He should introduce himself to the entire crew, thank them for their participation, get their names and write them on his game card. A complete review of responsibilities should be […]