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23 Intermission

Between Quarters

Chapter 23. Intermissions
Pg. 99

Between Quarters
When the clock expires at the end
of the quarter, the Referee should first
ensure there are no flags lying on the
ground. He then confirms with the Back
Judge that there are no timing issues
and holds the ball above his head with
one hand to indicate end of the quarter.
All officials must note and record the
yard line and down and distance prior
to moving the ball. After confirming
the information with the Referee and
Umpire, the Linesman should relocate
the chains (see the chapter entitled
“Chain Crew”).
The Umpire determines the exact
spot the ball occupies (yard line and
position between the hash marks)
and moves the ball by jogging to that
corresponding location on the opposite
side of the 50 yard line. He confirms
with the Referee and Linesman that the
ball is placed at the correct spot before
putting it down and stays over the ball
until Referee marks it ready for play.
The Line Judge proceeds to the
corresponding spot opposite side of
the 50 yard line, faces in and holds
that spot unobtrusively until the ball is
spotted; do not let the ball be spotted
When all officials have completed
their duties, the wing officials are
notified to ask their teams to get onto
the field.

The Back Judge monitors the bench huddle until the Head Linesman is cleared from chain responsibility up to and including getting the team onto the field if the Head Linesman is delayed getting his chains reset for the new quarter
The Back Judge verifies that the
clock is set to 12:00 for the new
quarter to begin.