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21 Between Downs

Between Downs – Back Judge

Chapter 21. Between Downs
Pg. 95

Back Judge
As dead-ball officiating is being
conducted, the Back Judge should
gently pinch-in keeping all 22 players in
view. If necessary, he may assist with
runners who go out of bounds. Retrieving
the ball is the last priority and players
should be encouraged to assist.
On the first punt for each team, remind
the receiver how to signal properly.
The Back Judge keeps the 25-second
play clock and counts the defense. If the
count is eleven or less, the proper signal
should be given to the wing official on the
defensive team’s sideline.
If the ball has not been snapped
20 seconds after the ready signal has
been given, the Back Judge will use a
visible count to count off the last five
seconds. The Back Judge also times the
60-second interval between a successful
field goal or try and the ensuing kickoff.