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04 Pregame Meeting

Bench Decorum

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting
Pg. 19

Bench Decorum

Make sure that the officials involved
have the same expectations about what
conduct is out of line and what isn’t.
Remind wing officials to find the “get
back” coach, the assistant who will help
keep players and team personnel out
of the coaching belt. Always remember,
allowing poor sideline behavior creates a
perpetual problem for next week’s wing
official. Addressing problems early in the
game/year can have a big impact later.


another thing that has helped our crew immensely is to speak with the head coach in the conference and ask him to remind his assistants who the head coach is today and we would appreciate all questions be brought through the head coach to the wing official or to the referee. And most importantly it will allow the wing official to work more freely from having to listen to 12 voices all night and take away his concentration on plays!

last couple of years and already this year in 2 games it has quieted the masses unbelievably. the wings have such an easier job. This has worked so well when all the wings then have to do is just ask the assistant to bring it to the attention of the head coach and he can get it to them. 

greet example was last night we had a coordinator confront us as half time wanting to know about some targeting calls and i stopped and simply said to him " coach i would love to help clear this up and by emphasis in the rule book this year please have your head coach get us before we go out for the 2nd half. Case was closed and never heard another word from that assistant.

and he said okay sure no problem will take care of it this way! 

i really believe it helps the assistants to remember there job is to coach the kids and for us to officiate the game!