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12 Bean Bag

Beanbag – When Not to Use

Chapter 12. Use of Beanbag
Pg. 47

Situations Not for Use of the Bean Bag
Do not drop a beanbag at the spot a
player intercepts a pass. Unlike the spot
of a fumble, that spot has no bearing on
penalty enforcement. The same applies
to any other change of possession other
than a scrimmage kick.
Out of Bounds Spot
It is not a good idea for wing officials
to drop a bean bag on an out-of-bounds
spot and then leave to retrieve the ball.
Hold the spot and continue to officiate
any dead-ball action. The Referee and
Back Judge have primary responsibility
for tending to players out of bounds. In
the rare situation where the wing official
finds it necessary to escort players from
beyond the sideline back to the field, the
beanbag should be dropped (not thrown)
only after the official has squared off to
the spot.
Free Kick Out of Bounds Spot
On free kicks, if the ball is kicked out
of bounds untouched, do not use a bean
bag because that is a foul and the spot is
marked with the flag.
Player Out of Bounds
If a player is pushed or blocked off
the field, he may legally return and
participate as long as he immediately
reenters; that spot does not need to be
marked. If a player of Team A or Team
K goes out of bounds before a change
of possession, it is not a foul unless he
returns and the return spot should then
be marked with a flag.
Forward Progress
The bean bag should not be used for
marking the forward progress of a ball
carrier when he has been pushed back
and there is continuing action on him.
Wing officials should use cross-field
mechanics in this situation.