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Line of Scrimmage Philosophies

Chapter 26. CFOA Philosophies Pg. 106 Line of Scrimmage Officials will work to keep offensive linemen legal and will call a foul only when obvious or when a warning to the player and a subsequent warning to the coach are ignored. Don’t wait until the fourth quarter to enforce the rule. If the offensive player […]

Philosophies Regarding Quick Shifts

Chapter 26. CFOA Philosophies Pg. 106 Quick Shifts Simultaneous shifts by players on the line can create a judgment dilemma for the officials. Simulating action at the snap is a false start and can be judged by the abruptness of the movement. Officials are expected to make this judgment regardless of whether Team B encroaches. […]

CHSAA Game Reports

Chapter 25. Postgame Duties Pg. 104 CHSAA Game Reports All varsity games must have a game report filed on the CHSAA website. Look for the report under the “Officials” tab. CHSAA assesses penalties and maintains a five-year file on each school related to all aspects of conduct penalties and sportsmanship related incidents. This is done […]

Postgame Review

Chapter 25. Postgame Duties Pg. 103 Postgame Review After the game, it’s a good idea to review what happened during the game. The postgame review is another important part of officiating. When reviewing the game: • Discuss and review any strange plays or rulings. If necessary, confirm your ruling with the rulebook and casebook. Make […]

Official’s Dressing Room

Chapter 25. Postgame Duties Pg. 103 The Officials’ Dressing Room Be very careful about what is said in the locker room, especially if the discussion is about a person or team. Do not permit an athletic director or coach to enter the locker room, especially if the intent is hostile. If it happens, politely ask […]

Dealing with Fans

Chapter 24. Game Management Pg. 101 Dealing with Fans Officials assigned to officiate a contest are responsible for the conduct of the contest. Controlling crowds and crowd reactions are not within the officials’ province. That responsibility falls to game administrators. There have been situations where the officials have made a bad situation worse by engaging […]

Special Events

Chapter 24. Game Management Pg. 102 Special Events Players may wear items at any game to recognize a charitable organization. The item may not be dangerous or confusing and must comply with all rules. Specially colored towels are legal provided all players who wear towels have the same color towel. The colors of shoes, socks […]

Bands and Field Ceremonies

Chapter 24. Game Management Pg. 101 Bands and Field Ceremonies Officials must understand the band’s role and be prepared to deal with the challenges they may present. Band members/leaders have a role and they must be treated with respect. There can be many pitfalls and if the officials take the attitude that it’s a football […]

End of Game

Chapter 23. Intermissions Pg. 100 End of Game When the game is over, the Referee holds the ball over his head and the official’s jurisdiction typically ends. If he does that without knowing there was a foul on the last play, the game cannot end until the penalty is addressed. If he fails to do […]

After a Score and Overtime

Chapter 23. Intermissions Pg. 100 After a Score After a score other than a touchdown (try, field goal or safety), there is also a one-minute intermission during which regular timeout privileges are allowed. These should be timed so that the game is not delayed. Wing officials need to stand in close proximity to the team […]