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Chapter 22. Dead-Ball Officiating Pg. 98 Disqualification/Ejections No one is to be disqualified from the game prior to consultation with the Referee. The matter should be discussed among all officials who observed the incident. If the incident involved a fight, officials must be certain they have the correct number of all culprits. Coaches disqualified from […]


Chapter 22. Dead-Ball Officiating Pg. 97 Fights When a fight breaks out, the official’s first priority should be safety. In many cases, nothing can be done immediately with regard to the safety of the combatants; however, officials must move swiftly to prevent the fight from expanding. The wing officials should try to prevent additional participants […]

Dead-Ball Officiating

Chapter 22. Dead-Ball Officiating Pg. 97 It is sometimes difficult for officials to accept the fact that officiating “while nothing is going on” is more important than observing live action. Missing a holding infraction is not as devastating as missing a shot to the head after the ball is dead. Thus, the first step to […]

Between Downs – Wings

Chapter 21. Between Downs Pg. 95 Linesman and Line Judge As dead-ball officiating is being conducted, the wings must mark the forward progress spot for the Umpire. The spot belongs to the wing that had the best view of the ball; the other wing should come up and match the spot. The Line Judge is […]

Between Downs – Back Judge

Chapter 21. Between Downs Pg. 95 Back Judge As dead-ball officiating is being conducted, the Back Judge should gently pinch-in keeping all 22 players in view. If necessary, he may assist with runners who go out of bounds. Retrieving the ball is the last priority and players should be encouraged to assist. On the first […]

Between Downs – Umpire

Chapter 21. Between Downs P. 95 Umpire As dead-ball officiating is being conducted, the Umpire must move promptly to retrieve the ball. The Umpire should know how each center wants the laces of the ball positioned. While the center may rotate the ball, asking for a preference is a form of preventive officiating. The closer […]

Between Downs – Referee

Chapter 21. Between Downs Pg. 94 Referee As dead-ball officiating is being conducted, the Referee must check the line-to-gain. Assuming it is not a first down or close enough to measure, he announces the next down and approximate distance. He must check the down box for the correct down. Next is the ready for play […]

Between Downs – General

Chapter 21. Between Downs Pg. 94 The time interval between plays is crucial to officials because that is when the groundwork is laid for officiating the next play. Each official has specific duties and priorities while the ball is dead. The first priority for all officials when the previous play ends is deadball officiating. Dead-ball […]

Halo Principle

Chapter 20. Halo Principle Pg 92 The halo principle is designed to not only provide coverage when the ball is in those areas, but to ensure that all 22 players are observed on every play. When a player is in possession of the ball (or the ball is loose on the ground, such as a […]


Chapter 19. Fumbles Pg. 90 Officials have specific duties when a pile forms on top of a fumble. The ball will be spotted and the process will be much simpler if each crew member does his job. When an official sees a fumble, he must drop a bean bag at the yard line at which […]