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Bench Decorum

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting Pg. 19 Bench Decorum Make sure that the officials involved have the same expectations about what conduct is out of line and what isn’t. Remind wing officials to find the “get back” coach, the assistant who will help keep players and team personnel out of the coaching belt. Always remember, allowing […]

Time Out Responsibilities

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting Pg. 19 Timeout Responsibilities Review who is timing the timeout and where officials are positioned during the timeout Review who will tell the coach how many timeouts each team has remaining. The coach should be told how many timeouts each team has left after every charged team timeout. The Referee should […]

Crew Communications

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting Pg. 18 Crew Communications Go over signals used to communicate between officials (receivers on or off the line, “two sticks” for a first down, “clock stops” after fourth down etc.). Review which crew members are responsible for counting players and the signals that will be used to indicate a team has […]

Game Tendencies – Game Managment

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting Pg. 18 Game Tendencies If you know of some team history that may affect the game, discuss it. For example, if the two teams were involved in a fight the last time they met, you may want to talk about those ramifications on the game and the players’ and coaches’ attitudes. […]

Position Coordination

Chapter 4. Pregame Meeting Pg. 19 Position Coordination During the pregame meeting there should be dialog between certain officials which work directly with one another in addition to the routine pregame discussions. Referee-Umpire. Cover counting the offense and communicating the count. Spotting the ball and how the Referee will release the Umpire before the RFP […]

Mechanics Manual Daily

Starting tomorrow March 27, the CFOA website will send you a Daily Dose of Section 1 of the Mechanics Manual if you have signed up. If you need assistance with this “Daily” of the sign-up feel free to email me at [email protected](dot)com As always, please contact your Area Director if you have any questions or […]