2016 June Meeting Minutes

CFOA Pre-Season Meeting
June 25, 2016

(* Handouts were distributed many times at this meeting .an asterisk * indicates when a handout was used to disseminate information.)

Introductions: President Kirk Russell called the meeting to order at 9:00AM at the CHSAA office on Saturday June 25, 2016. The following members were present: Clair Gausman/State Secretary, Robert Loyd/Past President, Jim Altman/Area 1, Chris Stearns/Area 1, Scott Lewis/Area 1, Mark UseryIArea 1, Mark Nethercot/Area 2, Dan Cronin/Area 3, Jim Sprague/Area 4, Greg Guzzo/Area 5, Robert Samaniego/Area 6, David Trimble/Area 7, Steve Cunningham/Area 8, David Reed/Area 9, Kirk Russell/President, George DemetrioujRules Interpreter, Scott Saucke/President Elect, Tom Robinson/CHSAA, Rusty McKnight/Area 16, Robert Sonny Smith/Area 15, Doug Clayton/Area 14, Mark Drummond/Area 13, Rick O’Bloch/Area 12, Terry Haynie/Area 11, Damain Savolt/Area 10. Mr. Russell explained the agenda to the Board and procedures for addressing issues during the meeting.

Secretary/Treasurer Report: Clair Gausman began by relaying to the Board information about the passing to former President John Adams. John Adams was a great contributor to football and via his efforts and expertise was influential both locally and nationally with rules and officiating. Mr. Adams has been inducted into the College Football and Colorado Sports Halls of Fame. The Board approved a motion to donate $100 to the charitable venue Denver Teacher’s Fund.

Mr. Gausman distributed the minutes of the CFOA Post-Season meeting held at Kent Denver High School in December. The minutes were reviewed and approved by the Board.

Mr. Gausman also supplied the financial report for CFOA. The current balance of 17,285.51was revealed, Mr. Gausman indicated that the balance does not include expenses related to CFOA football camps and includes a $3,000.00 donation from Honig’s Sporting Goods. Members were reminded that the fiscal year ends on June 30, and were encouraged to cash checks prior to that date to provide a final year-end statement that is accurate. Meeting minutes and financial reports both stressed that current fees for CFOA are now $90.00, new members will no longer receive a discount. New members receive rulebooks & manuals, registration and insurance coverage provided they meet standards required of membership. The Handout(*) also indicated that tax return for CFOA will be made available at the Post-Season meeting and where dues membership fees are applied. Mr. Gausman stressed to the Board the need to contact him directly concerning refunds for the upcoming season. Valid reasons for refunds may include relocating to a different area/state, change in job status or an injury limiting mobility or effectiveness. With limited questions the Board approved the financial report.

CHSAA Report: Mr. Tom Robinson included a handout (*) to the Board explaining CHSAA information pursuant to CFOA relationships. Mr. Robinson stressed that via his role with CHSAA he informed schools of their role in retention and recruiting. He encouraged schools to provide training and encouragement to students who someday may choose to become officials. He explained the role to member schools to provide a location for officials that is private and supply drinks at halftime. He indicated the need for security and outlined the responsibility that member schools have to officials. He also informed the Board of their need to recruit new officials and the importance of retaining members after their first season that can be trying. He addressed the issue of assignments and explained that he does not believe an active official should assign contests for schools. Discussion from the Board suggested different methods of recruitment and retention. The topic of timing was raised to the Board which suggested new members who show interest after beginning classes and testing are held be given some type of It status” to assist with lower level contest with the hope that there individuals may return as members the next year.

President’s Report: President Kirk Russell addressed the Board concerning declining membership. He indicated that although 2015-16 showed a slight increase he specified that increased numbers are needed statewide to keep pace with the growing number of schools statewide. He outlined an effort by the Denver area to recognize members who have recruited
new members and encouraged veteran officials to mentor young officials to insure their success. He mentioned that members who solicit new members could be honored with gift certificates to Honig’s. Several items were brought to the attention of the Board via a (*) handout reviewing area membership, master clinic requirements and usage of Arbiter. All CFOA members should maintain their correct address via Arbiter and supply a photo. Members were reminded that they may take the written test three times and that the mechanics test can be taken three times. A motion was passed by the Board to require the passage of the mechanics test for playoff eligibility for the 2017 season. Other items were reviewed in the handout provided to the Board.

President Elect’s Report: Mr. Scott Saucke the President Elect of CFOA, reviewed with the Board the selection system for playoff officials. Steps 1-13 (*) handout, explained the required of officials to be eligible for playoff selection. Also included in the criteria was an estimate of playoff assignments available per area. The list showed Denver (Area 1)- through Area 13 Glenwood Springs. The Denver area had the highest number of assignments with 10, several areas have 5 assignments for the upcoming season. Also Mr. Saucke distributed a handout (*) with the selection process. The six criteria cited were:
a. Quality performance
b. Officiaing experience
c. Contributions to CHSAA efforts during the current year
d. Knowledge of rules
e. Utilization of accepted CFOA mechanics
f. Physical fitness.

Scott explained how the areas were separated into four regions with those being:
1. Denver
2. Southern CO
3. Western CO
4. Northern CO

Each region shall utilize a selection committee of a minimum of three member and indicated methods used in their selection. Mr. Saucke included information about the “Standing” Committee” which includes two CHSAA Administrators and three Board members of CFOA. Local areas are encouraged to contact committee members soon to review duties for the upcoming season. Scott described to the Board the difficulty of assigning positions for contests. He used an example of officials who might be asked to referee due to the need of an area which might limit their experience at other positions, yet there were recommended for playoff ssignments with a minimum number of assignments for example at back judge. A critical element in the selection process is to be certain that playoff level officials are available for ALL dates of playoff contests. It is unavoidable that conflicts can occur however officials who show an interest and qualify for assignments should make every attempt to fulfill their commitment.

Past President’s Report: Mr. Bob Loyd explained to the Board how the number of officials in his area has reached a critically low level. He indicated that teams will be forced to adjust scheduling during the upcoming season because officials will not be available to cover games. Schools will be forced to move games to Thursday or Saturday due to the shortage.

Rules Interpreter’s Report: Mr. George Demetriou expounded on the playoff format and the designation of “blue chip” and” “gold” level designations for post season assignments. He stated approximately 1/3 of the eligible officials should have an expectation of receiving a playoff assignment. Mr. Demetriou asked members to take the 2016 mechanics test(*) and encouraged feedback on questions. An enclosed list revealed locations and times of 2016 regional master clinics for CFOA members. He enlightened the Board on possible future rule changes concerning “face guarding” and experiments being conducted in other states. Rules Interpreter Demetriou relayed information CFOA experimental use of 40- second clock and stated areas should review and discuss coverage and issues with the timing procedure prior to the season. He stated the importance of coaches knowing the implications and mechanics in place for the season. Discussion on the experiment indicated that the Board wishes the mechanic to extend to all sub varsity level and 4 man crews also. Some Board members expressed concern with the difficulty of implementing the mechanic on 4 man crews where duties will fall to the referee. The Board did not take action on this concern. The Board was informed that “Redi Ref’ model #1128 allows a 40 second option which could be useful for officials who include this technology in their game.

Nominations for President Elect: Mr. Russell asked the Board for nominations for the role of President Elect for CFOA. This person will assume the role of President Elect on January 1, 2017, and will become President of CFOA on January 1, 2019.
The nominees for CFOA President Elect:

Jim Sprague
Damian Savolt
Dave Trimble
Craig Cox

The election ballot will be enclosed in the renewal form sent on November 1, which must be returned by December 1, 2016. The new president will be the 19th to serve CFOA since its founding in 1965.

CFOA Mechanics: Several items were discussed and presented including the alterations of the mechanics manuals currently in use. This includes the 2016 additions and the 4 official supplements. Next year the mechanics manual will be reprinted to incorporate those changes and update.

Adjournment: The CFOA Pre-Season meeting was adjourned at
12:51 PM. The next CFOA Board meeting will be held Saturday December 10th at Kent Denver High School and coincide with the Honorary Banquet. All members of the Board and CFOA membership are encouraged to send information concerning qualified candidates (retired for 2 years) to Mr. Demetriou or Mr. Steve Hall for consideration.
Respectfully submitted, July 6, 2016 Clair Gausman (Sec/Tres)