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2016 CFOA President’s Report

To:  CFOA Area Directors

From:  Kirk Russell, President

Date:  June 25, 2016

During the offseason the Executive Committee met on multiple occasions to review decisions made last year regarding the Playoff assignment process, the 2015 experimental rules, proposed CFOA Mechanics changes and recommendations from previous Area Director’s meetings. This report is to provide the Directors with a foundation for discussion at the June 25, 2016, Board of Directors meeting. If any issue below requires discussion and modification there will be an opportunity at the meeting.

2016 Membership

Membership Growth – The CFOA membership was up 2% from 2014 to 2015. Although this is an increase, it is still short of the necessary growth needed for coverage in some areas. The CFOA will continue to look for ways to increase membership numbers including: regional camps/trainings, advertisements, and incentives for CFOA members that bring in a new member.

Prizes for recruiting new members – During the 2016 Master Clinics, the 2015 Rookies in attendance will be recognized. They will also be asked “is there a CFOA veteran member that is or was most responsible for getting you involved in officiating HS football?” The name of the veteran member will be placed in a raffle from all of the Master Clinics and a $100 gift certificate to Honigs (our corporate sponsor) will be drawn on September 1, 2016. Other raffle prizes include a CFOA embroidered golf shirt. The Rookie must be in attendance at the Master Clinic; however, the CFOA Veteran Member does not.

Dues – Dues for the 2016 football season were $90 if paid by December 1, 2015 and $120 if paid after. Members that paid after March 1, 2016 are not eligible for playoffs and are not to be used on varsity games unless they receive prior approval by the local Area Director and only on a game by game basis. The Area Director shall notify the CFOA President of the situation and the need for using the delinquent official.

Area Membership – Reminder that in 2013 the Area Directors voted to allow a CFOA member to be registered in one Area only.  An official may work varsity assignments in multiple Areas; however, post season assignment may only be from within the Area registered and keep in mind, minimum games and minimum meetings are required by the local areas.

Master Clinic

A Master Clinic credit is required every year for Playoff eligibility. Physical attendance is required every other year. Viewing of the online recorded version of the Master Clinic will count as an attendance credit every other year.


  • If you DID NOT attend the Clinic in person 2015, you must attend in person in 2016.
  • If you attended a 2015 Clinic in person, you may choose to watch the recording online in 2015; however, attending in person is encouraged to remain up-to-date on rules changes, mechanics points of emphasis and the CHSAA messages.


Email – Your email address used in Arbiter must be accurate or important testing and CHSAA/CFOA communication may not reach you.  Please take a minute and confirm that the email address in Arbiter is one that you check regularly.

Photo – Please get a picture of your face into your Arbiter profile. Assignors and fellow officials will continue to become more reliant on this in the future.

Testing Schedule (1) 2016 CFOA Testing Schedule <Click Link for Schedule>

All testing will be done online via Arbiter. Attachment 1 to this report is a summary of the tests and the dates when the tests are open and closed for the 2016 season.

Rules Testing (2) 2016 CFOA Rules Test Details <Click Link for Schedule>

All officials are required to maintain a solid understanding of the National Federation Rules of Football in order to officiate high school football games in Colorado. Attachment 2 was prepared to clarify the pass/fail requirements and what needs to be done to remedy a Provisional status.

Physical Standards Test (PST)

A football official’s physical appearance in uniform will continue to be a focus in 2016. Coaches, players, and fans begin evaluating your credibility as an official the moment they see you. If you are overweight the perception will be that you are not athletic enough to move to be in the right position.

The Physical Standards as currently written requires the official to start on the goal line and run to ten yardline to pick up a beanbag and return the beanbag to goal line then run to the 50 yardline to pick up second beanbag and return it to the goal line within 40 seconds. Multiple attempts are allowed. Failure to pass this test will result in the official being placed on probation. Similar to the Rules Testing, failing the Physical Standards Test a second year while on probation will require the turn back of varsity games.

Mechanics Test

The Mechanics test will be available to officials on Arbiter on July 15 and will close on August 24. A passing score of is 85%.

Playoff Video Review

The Playoff Video Review will be available on Arbiter on July 15 and will close on August 24.  A series of film clips will be provided for review and will require you to answer a couple questions to confirm your knowledge of the situation after watching the clips.

CFOA Uniform

The transition to a wide stripe shirt is over and all officials working all levels of high school football must wear the Colorado (wide stripe) uniform.

Vendor Sponsorship Contract

The CFOA entered into a two year contract with Honigs for the 2015 & 2016 season. The $3,000 sponsorship will help offset costs associated with Master Clinics, official’s training and communications. As a sponsor Honigs will receive preference of sales space at Master Clinics and logo & web link on CFOA’s website and digital correspondence from CFOA.