2015 June Meeting Minutes

CFOA Pre-Season Meeting
June 20, 2015
Call to Order/Introductions:
The Pre-Season meeting of the CFOA Board was called to order by President Kirk Russell, at 9:00 AM at the CHSAA office on Saturday June 20, 2015. Members of the Board were asked to identify themselves and provide a brief background of their professional and officiating background. Those present included: Clair Gausman/State Secretary-Treasurer, Robert Loyd/Past President, Kirk Russell/CFOA President, George Demetriou/Rules Interpreter, Scott Saucke/President Elect, Rusty McRight/Area 16, Sonny Smith/Area15, Doug Clayton/Area 14, Rich O’Bloch/Area 12/13, Terry Haynie/Area 11, Vince Bravdica/Area 1, Jim Altman/Area 1, Scotty Lewis/Area 1, Kenn Estes/Area 2, Craig Cox/Area 3, Dan Cronin/Area 3, Jim Sprague/Area 4, Greg Guzzo/Area 5, Tom Brann/Area 6, David Trimble/Area 7, Steve Cunningham/Area 8, Kyle Sprouse/Area 9, Damian Savolt/Area 10.
Minutes of Last Meeting:
Secretary Clair Gausman presented copies to the Board of the last meeting of CFOA from December 6, 2014 at Kent Denver High School. The minutes were reviewed and approved by the Board.
Financial Report:
Treasurer Clair Gausman reported to the Board concerning financial status of CFOA. The current CFOA balance is $4,933.85. Mr. Gausman expressed his concern with the rising costs and decline in numbers with CFOA membership. He
explained to the Board via a chart the fixed expenses and the diminishing reserve above expenses. The current dues for CFOA are $85, which was implemented in 2007 is consistent with most sport officials groups within Colorado. Mr. George Demetriou explained to the Board the current make-up of fees for first year officials. He stated after fixed expenses the Board is responsible for paying $15 per new official for registration/insurance/etc. After a lengthy discussion the Board approved a dues increase for members in good standing of $5.00. This increase will be reflected on the notice sent to members on November 1, 2015 and due to CHSAA by December 1, 2015. In a corresponding move the dues for late fees were raised to $120.00 if paid after December 1. The Board also raised the fees for new members to $90.00 effective in 2016.
$90.00 for veteran/eligible officials to be paid by December 1, 2015
$120.00 for veteran/eligible officials if paid after December 1, 2015
$90.00 for new members EFFECTIVE after July 1, 2016.
**Effective 2016: All members of CFOA shall submit to a background check with requirements set by the CHSAA for all sports officials within the state of Colorado. Each official is responsible for the cost of the background check.
*** All Area Directors were asked to sign a form indicating they had received new books for new members. Payment for new officials will be sent to the CHSAA office. AD’s are also required to submit this form to Clair Gausman by September 1, indicating the purchase or return of all books issued to the respective areas.
1. CHSAA Football Playoff Procedure – Tom Robinson:
a. Tom stated he is giving the 2014 season a grade “B’ for 2014. He states the grade for the last 14 years overall as a grade “B.”
b. 2014 playoff issues:
i. Counting offense/defense.
ii. USC fouls – too many philosophical differences between officials, between crews and between associations.
iii. Too many fouls not being called:
1. Low blocks.
2. Blind side blocks.
3. Crack back blocks.
iv. Timeout management is inconsistent.
v. Outdated mechanics.
vi. Physical appearance of officials being overweight.
c. Past procedure of assigning playoffs:
i. AD’s assign playoffs and CHSAA approves:
1. Intentions are good but AD’s are facing difficulties to be objective.
a. Too many AD’s are facing conflicts of interest:
i. Assignments going to friends.
ii. AD’s feel officials are entitled
d. New procedure of assigning playoffs:
i. 2015:
1. Semi-finals and championships.
ii. 2016 and beyond:
1. All rounds of playoffs.
iii. Expect mixed crews between associations.
iv. Championship crews need to work one game together prior to the championship game.
v. Similar to basketball but no voting.
vi. Transition to be over 2 to 3 year period.
vii. Game/slot distribution will still be based on percent of membership per association.
viii. Trying to establish equitable distribution.
ix. Need means to provide opportunity to avoid negative impact on retention.
x. George is point person for this process and will be develop written details and charts to manage the procedure.
xi. Tom presented a Power Point to guide his discussion and it was asked of Tom to send the Power Point to the board, he agreed.
e. Purpose:
i. To ensure the best officials are selected to work post season games while ensuring a reasonably equitable distribution of games throughout the state and providing an opportunity for all qualified officials so as not negatively impact retention.
f. Selection Criteria:
i. Demonstrated quality performance during the current season.
ii. Amount of football officiating experience.
iii. Contribution to the total CHSAA program during the current season.
iv. Exceptional knowledge of NFHS rules.
v. Consistent utilization of the procedures in the CFOA Mechanics Manual.
vi. Maintenance of a physically fit appearance suitable for officiating the game of football.
g. Four regions for Colorado.
i. Denver – Denver Area 1;
ii. Southern CO – Canon City, Area 2; Colorado Springs, Area 3; Pueblo, Area 4; Trinidad, Area 5; LaJunta, Area 6; Lamar, Area 15;
iii. Western CO – Monte Vista, Area 11; Durango/Cortez, Area 12; Grand Junction, Area 14; Steamboat Springs, Area 16; Glenwood Springs, Area 13;
iv. Northern CO – Longmont, Area 8; Ft Collins, Area 7; Greeley, Area 10; Wray, Area 9.
h. Selection Committees:
i. Standing Committee:
1. Has final approval over all assignments.
2. Composition:
a. Chairman: Harry Waterman, CHSAA Assistant Commissioner – Football.
b. Member: Tom Robinson, CHSAA Associate Commissioner – Officials.
c. Member: Kirk Russell, CFOA President.
d. Member: Scott Saucke, CFOA President-Elect.
e. Member: Bob Loyd, CFOA Past President.
f. Administrator: George Demetriou, CHSAA/CFOA Rules Interpreter.
ii. Regional committee:
1. Reports to standing committee.
a. Former CFOA officials, coaches, AD’s.
b. Three members per region.
c. Must attend a master clinic.
iii. Officials:
1. Must apply for post season by Survey Monkey and in Arbiter, including position by 9/1/15.
2. Minimum five years’ experience.
3. Four years separation between championships.
4. Worked minimum amount of games and minimum amount of games at position and alternate position submitted to Arbiter and Survey Monkey.
a. Details of this chart to be created by George.
b. i.e. DFOA minimum 10 games and 9 games at position. See summer 2014 CFOA minutes – games remain the same and position is minus one.
5. Nominations for regional committee to review will come from AD’s. George will develop chart. i.e. DFOA will supply 30 names to cover semi-finals and championships for 2015. The count will be larger for 2016 because it will be for the entire playoffs.
6. Officials will be graded by the regional committee for rules and mechanics. Certain board members wanted a form for the observer but it was determined for the observer to just grade on rules and mechanics without a form.
2. Mater Clinic:
a. Kirk Russell:
i. Required every year.
ii. Must attend in person every other year.
iii. If not in person every year, then must watch recorded two hour version on Survey Monkey.
b. George Demetriou:
i. Need photos in Arbiter.
ii. George found admin way to insert photo.
iii. George coordinate taking picture at master clinics and through the admin process, will load into Arbiter at the master clinic.
iv. George is requesting “hot spot” for access to the internet at the master clinics.
c. Damion Savolt:
i. Damion is coordinating the recording of the Fort Collins master clinic to become the on line Survey Monkey version.
ii. Will have to answer periodic questions to prove someone watched the two hour on line master clinic.
iii. On line clinic will run 8/7/15 through 8/25/15.
3. Old business – Kirk Russell:
a. The membership recruitment video started last year by Mark Usery is “high” money and is on hold for now.
b. Victory formation will not tell players what to do. Referee will only announce to players and coaches the quarterback is taking a knee. Unnecessary/excessive action out of the realm of the purpose of the victory formation will have to be judged by the officials.
i. The victory formation will be discussed at all mater clinics.
4. New business – Kirk Russell:
a. Camps:
i. Kirk apologized for the cancellation of the Grand Junction camp due to an insurance issue raised by Mesa State University staying overnight in the student housing.
ii. Future camps will use commercial lodging locations.
iii. No camps for 2016.
5. New business – George Demetriou:
a. Rule 9-4-3g
i. Words “or excessive” has been inserted in 2015.
ii. Two concerns:
1. Blind side blocks.
2. Air borne receivers.
iii. George presented six videos
iv. The CFOA will present “explicit guidance” of the rule at master clinics.
v. Plan as personal foul.
6. Mechanics Manual – Scott Saucke
a. Discussed we are in possession of “2nd edition.”
b. 2nd edition for new officials and transfers. If you received a book in 2014, you do not get a new book. Amendments for 2015 were presented to the board. These amendments can be found on the CFOA website.
c. We have ordered enough books to last through the 2017 season for new officials and transfers.
d. Each year in November an evaluation will be conducted to determine any amendments for the following season.
e. The current plan is to republish the manual (3rd edition) for the 2018 season.
f. Scott passed out a 35 question test for the board to take and answers were provided after the test.
g. The board was asked to strike 5 questions that Scott will evaluate to reduce the test to the final 30 question test.
7. Agenda:
a. Kirk Russell finalized any items on the meeting agenda not previously covered in the meeting. The board was asked to pay attention to all the test dates.
8. 40 second play clock – Tom Robinson:
a. Tom wants this to be enacted for the 2016 season.
b. Indiana is testing a process which the CFOA will closely observe.
c. BJ should be prepared to purchase mechanical device for this process to work on the field.
d. Tom mentioned we can get better in 2015 if the Umpire just gets the ball set and the Referee blows the ready for play signal – even if chains are not quite set or officials are not yet in final position for the next play.
9. Next CFOA meeting 12/12/15 at Kent Denver High School.
10. Adjourned.
Respectfully submitted June 21, 2015
Clair Gausman CFOA Secretary Treasurer
*Thanks to Mr. Scott Saucke for compilation of notes at the meeting. Also, a thank you to the CFOA Board for allowing me to depart for personal reasons from this meeting. CG