2014 June Meeting Minutes

CFOA Pre-Season Meeting


The Pre-Season meeting of the Colorado Football Officials
Association was called to order by President Dr. Robert Loyd at 8:55AM
at the CHSAA office on Saturday June 21, 2014. (This marks the 63rd
year of existence for CFOA, it was established in 1951) President Loyd
recognized the efforts of George Demetriou and Clair Gausman. Mr.
Demetriou will be honored by the National Federation this summer for
his efforts for CFOA and on the national level for his contributions.
2014 will mark the 30th year the Mr. Gausman has served CFOA as a
member of the Board. The following members were present: Clair
Gausman CFOA Secretary Treasurer, Kirk Russell President Elect, Scott
Saucke Area 1, Mark Usery Area 1, Ron Paolucci Area 1, Vince Bravdica
Area 1, Kenn Estes Area 2, Rex Watson Area 3, Craig Cox Area 3, Jim
Sprague Area 4, Greg Guzzo Area 5, Tom Brann Area 6, David Trimble
Area 7 Steve Thompson Area 8, Lynn A. Martin Area 8, Robert Loyd
President, George Demetriou Rules Interpreter, Steve Hall Hall of Fame
Chairman, Gary Jordan Past President, Mikel Kerst Area 17, Elvis
Iacovetto Area 16, Sonny Smith Area 15, Doug Clayton Area 14, Mike
Lister Area 12, Troy Plane Area 11, Damian Savolt Area 10, Kyle Sprouse
Area 9.

The minutes of the last CFOA meeting held in December of 2013 at
Kent Denver High School were read and approved. A member of the
Board noted an inconsistency in the application of the By-Law involving
dates and payment of dues. It was explained that if a member pays after
the deadline of March 1, their situation may be reviewed by their
respective area director and the individual may be reinstated. Secretary
Clair Gausman pointed out to the Board the value of areas of concern
expressed by Mr. Tom Robinson of CHSAA at the post-season meeting.
Those items included: Penalty enforcement (specifically dead ball fouls
Contact in coaching areas
Advancing a muff
Blocking rules on kicks
Dead ball officiating
Philosophies concerning fouls with a big score differential
Unsportsmanlike acts
Timing issues near the end of game or half
Excessive ball watching by officials

Treasurer Clair Gausman reported to the Board concerning the
financial status for 2014-2015. Mr. Gausman explained that the fiscal
year for CFOA begins July 1, he encouraged member of the Board with
travel vouchers to please cash checks prior to June 30th of the current
year to increase efficiency in tax reporting. Mr. Kirk Russell (President
Elect) was reprimanded by the Treasurer, for his monetary inefficiency.
The current balance of CFOA was reported as $13,891.34 as of 6/21/14.
Expected expenditures for the summer include the state meeting, clinics
and payment for mechanics manuals. Mr. Gausman encouraged the
Board to notify him if eligible officials in their area cannot officiate in
the upcoming season due to injury /job change/transfer to facilitate the
refund policy. Too often officials request a refund and do not state a
reason for their vacating membership. If the termination of their
membership is done after the March 1 deadline it is generally not
possible to provide a full refund. The Secretary also supplied a
breakdown of the $85 dues that are paid by CFOA officials in good
standing. The Board approved the financial report.
Dr. Loyd reported to the Board on a range of topics. The most
significant topic may be the issue of physical fitness and standards for
CFOA officials. Mr. Loyd explained the difficulty of establishing and
using the various types of testing. If CFOA uses the term ({fitness” in
relation to officiating they may be exposing themselves to litigation in
the event the official suffers a medical emergency from testing or
officiating. Our Board policy and CHSAA policy requires that officials
maintain a physical standard to complete requirements necessary to
officiate. The Board voted to accept the “New Standard” for 2014 for
officials to complete the following exercise:
• Picking up a bean bag at 10 yards and returning the bag his
starting position.
• Followed immediately by picking up a bean bag from SO yards
• and returning to the starting position.
• This standard shall be completed within a 40 second duration
CFOA area directors are encouraged to complete testing and to
report back to our post-season meeting the results and discuss changes
that could be made for future seasons. The following is the CFOA policy
for physical standards testing:
New Member: All new members, (including transfers) and
members who have forfeited their membership under Article VI, Section
1 and then re-apply for membership, shall pass the test without
Inactive members: Inactive members who desire to return to
active status shall pass the test without exception.
Veteran members: All other members who are unable to pass the
test on the pre-season date scheduled by their Area, shall be placed on
probation for one year.
All such individuals will be treated on a case-by-case basis in
accordance with the following guidelines:
• They shall not be eligible for playoff assignments
• They shall only be assigned varsity games on an “as needed”
• Individuals who are able to pass the test by October 1, shall
have their fully eligible status restored (Probation revoked)
• Individual who are unable to pass the pre-season test in two
consecutive years will have their case reviewed by the
Executive Committee.
Mr. Russell discussed the implementation of the “new” widestripe
version adopted by CFOA in 2013. He cautioned the members of
the Board to be certain that it meets the design criteria for the state of
Colorado. (A reminder sheet of various items will be included in the
minutes) The shirt requirement does not extend to sub-varsity contests
at this time. Board members were reminded that Honig’s Sporting
Goods has had a financial agreement with CFOA for the past two

Mr. Tom Robinson of CHSAA reported to the Board in reference to
many issues with registration and membership. He reminded members
of the Board to share with the areas the importance of registration in
ADDITION to payment of dues. It is a requirement that officials use the
Arbiter website to answer questions that are required to officiate
contests for CHSAA member schools. They will not be eligible to
officiate unless all the steps on Arbiter are completed.
Mr. Robinson relayed to the Board the ongoing process of
background checks. All officials must complete a background check
every three years. The check procedure will increase in price in the
future because it provides additional information and will screen
individuals on a national basis and not just Colorado. He also explained
to the Board concerning a procedure now required for all officials in all
sports. Officials must now take a mechanics exam and a video review
that will be available online for officials. This is the first year this format
will be utilized and it is critical that Area Directors inform their
members of this new requirement.
Mr. Robinson addressed the issue of 5 man officiating crews for 6
man contests. It is recommended that 5 man crews be used by member
schools who participate with 6 players, however it is not mandated for
2014. All8 man games will use 5 officials.

Mr. Demetriou explained to the Board the method of distribution
of packets to officials. Due to a late arrival the corresponding CD Rom of
the new mechanics manual will be delivered at a later date. The CD
Rom version is utilized on computer format …. it will not play on a
standard DVD player. He expressed concern in reference to a limited
number of manuals that will be available to new members next year. He
requested that Area Directors PLEASE return any unused/unsold copies
to prevent an expensive reprint.

In a separate report the members of the Board discussed 8
proposals for changes in the CFOA bylaws. All eight proposals were
passed by the Board however minor changes were made to the
terminology of some of the proposals. Mr. Demetriou will report back to
the Board with the corrected by-laws revisions at the Post-Season
meeting. He also discussed a possible change in the method of electing a
new president that would involve a vote of the current Board and not
the general membership. Also a proposal that could affect the status of
an area that does not participate in state meeting was presented. Those
proposals will be revisited by the Board in December.
Mr. Mark Usery relayed to the Board concerning procedures of
sanctioning CFOA members. He referred to the newly adopted
Executive Board as the to ultimately rule on transgressions committed
by officials. A copy of the CFOA SANCTION PROCEDURE is included in
the minutes. The Executive Board concept was explained to current
member of the Board. Two members from the current Board to added
to the existed Executive Board. Per our requirement Damian Savolt
(Greeley) and Elvis Iacovetto (Steamboat Springs) shall serve on the
Executive Board.
Mr. Demetriou informed the Board in reference to required online
testing. The online test #1 will be made available in early July and will
end August 17,2014. The part #2 online test will be available August 18
and will close November 1, 2014. Local areas may need to adapt testing
to accommodate new members.
Nominations were accepted for the office of President Elect with
the member serving in that capacity for two years and then serving as
President for two years. The two individuals nominated:
Scott Saucke of Area 1
Rowdy Thompson of Area 13

Mr. Kirk Russell provided information to the Board concerning
the possible involvement of CFOA in officiating camps. Mr. Russell will
report back to the Board concerning an upcoming meeting to explore
possibilities and opportunities within the state.

President Loyd reviewed the Post-Season meeting date with the
Board, the date is December 6, 2014 at 9:00AM at Kent Denver High
School. The Honorary Banquet/Hall of Fame dinner will follow with a
social hour beginning at noon and ceremonies to follow at 1:00PM. Mr.
Steve Hall the Honorary Banquet Chairman encouraged members of the
Board to increase attendance and praised the location and lunch
provided at past events. Mr. Robinson challenged the Board to increase
attendance and praised past events. He explained that the sport of
wrestling with a smaller number of officials can draw 600-800 for a
similar event however football fails to draw 100 in some years.

Members were reminded that State Championship officials will be
recognized and that a low percentage were on hand to attend in past
years. Mr. Hall encouraged Board members to contact him concerning
candidates for our Hall of Fame, he explained the two criteria for
membership. (Criteria one is a former official) Criteria two can involve
a coach/ AD, school official, media representative or someone
instrumental in supporting high school football.

The business meeting ofCFOA was adjourned at 12:15 PM.
Members of the Board remained in attendance for implementation and
review of the new mechanics manual of CFOA.

Respectfully Submitted
June 23, 2014
Secretary Clair Gausman