2014 December Meeting Minutes

CFOA Post-Season Meeting


Kent Denver High School


Call to Order:  The Post-Season meeting of the Colorado Football Official’s Association was called to order at 9:00 AM at Kent Denver High School on Saturday December 6, 2014.  The member/guest present include:     Clair Gausman/CFOA Secretary Treasurer, Scott Saucke/ Denver,  Mark Usery/Denver,  Scott Lewis/Denver,  Jim Altman/Denver, Ron Paolucci/Denver,  Kenn Estes/Canon City,  Craig Cox/Colorado Springs,  Jim Sprague/Pueblo,  Greg Guzzo/Trinidad,  Tom Brann/La Junta,  Ryan Roark/Severance,  Stephen Thompson/Longmont,  David Reed/Wray,  Damian Savolt/Greeley,  Terry Haynie/Monte Vista,  Kirk Russell/President Elect,  Bob Loyd/State President,  George Demetriou/State Rules Interpreter,  Harry Waterman/CHSAA,  Mark Drummond/Glenwood Springs,  Elvis Iacovetto/Steamboat/Craig,  Rusty McRight/Steamboat/Craig,   Sonny Smith/Lamar,  Doug Clayton/Grand Junction,  Alan TeBrink/Durango,  Troy Plane/Monte Vista,  Tom Robinson/CHSAA.  President Loyd greeted the Board and asked each individual to identify themselves and the area they represent.

Minutes of Past Meeting:  Secretary Treasurer Clair Gausman presented to the Board the minutes of the Pre-Season meeting of the CFOA held June 21, 2014 at the CHSAA office.  Mr. Gausman stressed to the Board the need for members to understand the calendar and how it relates to payment of dues.

Dues:  $115      (Members shall receive a discount rate of $85 if dues are paid between November 1 and December 1 of that calendar year)

$115 Must be paid by members who choose to pay between December 1 and March 1.

If member chooses to pay after May 1:  their enrollment in CFOA may be considered by the corresponding area director (s) for membership and accepted or denied.  IN ADDITION members who choose to pay after May 1 are subject to sanctions, eliminating playoff participation and other privileges.  The minutes were approved by a vote of the Board.

Financial Report:  Clair Gausman presented to the Board the 2013 Tax return for CFOA and a financial record of expenses and income for the tax period prescribed by the IRS.  Each member of the Board has in their possession a copy of the tax return, which must be approved on an annual basis to maintain our status as a non-profit organization.  The annual tax year begins July 1, and progresses until June 1 of the following year.  All income and expenses are presented to a third party to audit this account.   The current balance of CFOA was $55,348.27.  The Board approved the financial report.

CHSAA Report:   Mr. Harry Waterman and Mr. Tom Robinson reported to the Board on the past season from the CHSAA perspective.   Mr. Waterman described the 2014 as very successful and praised the officials of CFOA for their professionalism.  He expressed his appreciation to the Board on their efforts in the playoffs especially for the weather issues that presented challenges on weekend of November 15th.   He explained that several controversial calls and no calls occur each season, which are inherent to every football season.  With a few exceptions, contests were properly handled by officiating crews.  Mr. Waterman also expressed his concern that CHSAA wants the best officials on each level in championship games.  He contended that officials should not be selected for playoff assignments only because of longevity or rotation of assignments, but that they honestly represent the best officials in the CFOA.  He also detailed to the Board on ejections in football during the past few years.  That number has remained somewhat constant during the last three years although the number rose slightly in 2014.  He believes “98% of ejections in the past year are legitimate.”  The breakdown for 2014 included 57 for fighting, 17 for unsportsmanlike acts, and 10 for targeting an opponent.  The ejections for coaches were:  11 in 2012, 13 in 2013 and 10 for the past season.

Mr. Robinson praised members of CFOA for the low ratio of ejections and their detailed reports to CHSAA.  He indicated that officials have improved their communication with coaches and schools in reference to ejections.  Mr. Robinson encouraged officials to contact the CHSAA office in reference to unacceptable policies of member schools.  He specified the issue of officials walking through the crowd at halftime and after games as an unacceptable means of game management.  He encouraged the input of CHSAA in the assignment of playoff contests and considered their office to have a high level of expertise of the sport.  Mr. Robinson echoed the sentiments of Mr. Waterman stating that CFOA shares a responsibility of assigning the “best” officials to playoff contests.  He shared a concern that contests should not be assigned based only on longevity or issues of rotation.  The Board discussed the issue of championship assignments and the playoff eligibility of members.



Old Business:  Mr. Kirk Russell addressed the Board in reference to changes in the New Colorado mechanics manual.  He encouraged members of the Board who did not utilize manuals to be certain to make them available to new members in 2015.   He also indicated it is likely that new manuals will be ordered for the upcoming season, although the exact number will be determined later.  The manual will undergo changes on a two-year cycle however three possible mechanics changes were presented to the Board.  After discussion, the Board voted to make changes to certain specific mechanics involving pass coverage, kicks out of bounds, and the “victory” formation.  As this discussion is subject to revision, the contents of the Board actions will not be included in the minutes.  Proposed mechanics changes will be reviewed at the Pre-Season meeting.  Mr. George Demetriou reviewed with the Board the topic of “keys” and the frequent misunderstanding of how they are utilized.

The Board approved a merger of Areas 12 and 13 to facilitate the membership in those areas.

The Board rejected a proposal to allow only the members of the Board of CFOA to vote for president.  The general membership will continue to vote for the office of president despite a small percentage of members who voted in the most recent election.

Members of the Board approved a requirement of “three years of varsity experience” to be eligible for playoff assignments.  This clarified a “gray area” of interpretation regarding who is eligible for post-season assignments.

New Business:  Mr. Mark Usery related to the Board his concern with ongoing problem of recruiting new officials.   He described the issue of continued growth of schools in our state and the increasing number of games assignments but the lack of new officials to keep pace with this growth.   Many Board members shared their concern and the problems within the ranks of CFOA of an aging membership.  Mr. Usery showed a video of the 5A State Championship that was made over the weekend and his efforts to include this video in a recruitment tool for new officials.  The approximate cost of this venture was stated as $5,500.  The Board reached a consensus that recruiting efforts are necessary however the Board did not approve the expenditure.   Mr. Robinson shared with the Board a survey instrument completed by officials and their rationale for involvement in sports.  The majority of the officials explained their interest for the sport they participated in during their youth, and the enjoyment they shared officiating a sport.  Mr. Robinson related that the interest in the sport is at a peak during the season, however the interest level diminishes after the season.  He encouraged member of the Board to find ways to increase recruitment for next year.

CFOA has 683 paid officials as of December 6, 2014.

The results of the recent CFOA election were released.  Mr. Scott Saucke of Denver is the new president elect for CFOA.  His term as president elect will begin January 1, 2015 at that time Mr. Kirk Russell will become president.

Adjournment:   Outgoing president Bob Loyd expressed his gratitude to the Board of CFOA  for their efforts for the membership.  He specifically mentioned Mr. George Demetriou and Mr. Kirk Russell and commended them for contributions to CFOA.  Mr. Gausman presented a gift on behalf of CFOA and thanked Mr. Loyd for his time and professionalism as president.  The majority of the members of the Board attended the CFOA Hall of Fame banquet after the conclusion of the meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:47 AM.  The Pre-Season meeting of CFOA will be held at the CHSAA office on Saturday June 20, 2015.

Respectfully Submitted,

Clair Gausman

Secretary CFOA

December 12, 2014