2013 December Meeting Minutes

CFOA Post-Season Meeting (13)
Kent Denver High School

The CFOA Post Season Board meeting was called to order by
President Robert Loyd at 9:01AM at Kent Denver High School.
Members were reminded to sign-in to verify attendance.
President Loyd clarified the procedure for voting at the
meeting. There are 5 voting members from the State Board
and 21 Area Directors. The participation of current area
directors leaving office extends until January 1, unless
represented by the newly elected Area director.
Minutes ./F inancial
Secretary Treasurer Clair Gausman distributed minutes from
the Pre-Season meeting of CFOA, held June 22, 2013 at the
CHSAA office. The Board approved the minutes. Mr. Gausman
indicated the current balance of CFOA to be $29,253.34.
Copies of the Federal Income Tax return for CFOA were
distributed to the Board members. Per regulations the fiscal
year begins July 1 and extends until June 30 of that year. The
tax return is completed by September 15, depending on action
by the Board the return is filed before November 15th of each
year. The Board approved the financial report.

CHSAA Report I Playoff Report
Mr. Harry Waterman addressed that Board on behalf of CHSAA.
Mr. Waterman complimented the membership of CFOA for
very positive performance from the football season. He
praised the efforts of the Area Directors and their professional
approach to officiating. Mr. Waterman expressed a special
thanks to Bob Loyd and George Demetriou for the attendance
at meetings and coordinating playoff football assignments. He
reported to the Board the results of ejections within Colorado
High Schools for the past three years:
Player Ejections
Coach Ejections
Mr. Waterman indicated that although their preference would
be no ejections, they recognize the emotional effect of the game
and the competiveness of the individuals on the sideline. He
indicated that the majority of player ejections were often
clearly visible on tape and the action of the official was
warranted. He indicated his disappointment with coaches and
assistants who fail to represent themselves as role model for
Mr. Waterman expressed his concern over situations that are
caused by a conflict of interest by officials with certain schools.
He indicated that it may be understandable for regular season
contest but officials should be certain of the guidelines for
conflict of interest and it should never be an issue for playoff
assignments. He also stressed to the Board that reporting
ejections in a timely manner is critical and that the information
must be accurate. Tom Robinson of CHSAA encouraged
officials to make CHSAA aware of sportsmanship issues or
other problems that exist within member schools. When
questioned by a member of the Board concerning the Arbiter
reporting system Mr. Robinson indicated they would review
the format to streamline the information needed by CHSAA.
The issue of what constitutes a fight will be presented and
discussed at the state clinic.
Mr. Robinson spoke to area of concern in games that he had
witnessed this year and issues officials need to address:
Penalty enforcement with live and dead ball fouls
Contact in coaches area
Advancing a muff
Blocking rules on kicks
Dead ball officiating
Philosophy of not calling fouls in games with a big
difference in the score
Unsportsmanlike Acts (throat slash)
Timing issues near the end of half or game
Excessive ball watching
Mr. Robinson praised the efforts of officials but indicted the
importance of developing high standards and urged them to
strive for continued improvement each year. Mr. Robinson
complimented the individuals who developed the Colorado
manual for next season. Other goals expressed by the Board
include a more consistent approach to evaluations and
expanded use of video.
Old Business
Mr. Kirk Russell addressed the Board in reference to a motion
concerning the new wide stripe shirts worn in other states.
Members of the Board expressed concerns about the cost
especially to new members this year, many invested in shirts
that could soon be obsolete. Discussion also described
differences in shirts and belief that the change was
unnecessary. The motion to adopt the wide-stripe shirt was
approved by the vote by 15-10.
The motion stated that the wide stripe shirt will be “optional
for regular season games in 2014 but required for Semifinal
and Championship games. In 2015 the shirts will be required
for short sleeves and optional for long sleeves (all playoff
crews will be required to wear the new shirt in 2015) 2016:
New shirts will be required for all games.”
Members of the Board expressed concern that shirts are
different from different vendors and encouraged the Board to
distribute information about a description of the shirts before
Other discussion involved the contract between CFOA and
Honig’s for exclusive rights to distribute football gear. The
consensus of the Board was to maintain an agreement in 2014
for Honig’s to supply officiating equipment at clinics but not an
exclusive contract for the “new” shirts. Members expressed
concern that some officials are wearing shoes with white
markings, which may violate our uniform code of black shoes.
The Board took no action concerning the shoe issue.
The Board also discussed the issue of physical testing of
officials. The physical standard was adopted by CFOA and will
continue to be used. Areas are encouraged to report back to
the Board on what methods of testing were effective and if
some methods should be modified.
New Business
The Board clarified that officials may only be registered with
CFOA in one area. That area shall be designated at the time of
payment of dues and will be identified in the CFOA Handbook.
Officials may be assigned games by different areas during the
regular season, however playoff assignment shall be assigned
according to each district represented in the CFOA Handbook.
President Loyd clarified to the Board that a dues notice will be
sent to eligible members by November 1, dues of $85 must be
paid by December 1 of that year. If members choose to remain
in CFOA they shall pay $115 before March 1 of the following
year. Payments made after March 1 will not be accepted and
the official will be considered a new official (No discount)
despite past membership. Inactive officials do not receive
rule book and are not give insurance benefits. Inactive officials
may be reinstated to an active status by paying an additional
fee of $42.50.
Mr. George Demetriou discussed with the Area Directors the
dates and location for clinics in 2014. He encouraged Area
Directors to contact him ASAP if date or locations change.
Clinic and meeting dates will be printed in late spring in the
CFOA Handbook.
Mr. Kirk Russell thanked the members of the Colorado Manual
committee for their efforts. He expressed his enthusiasm that
the finished product will be valuable tool for officials.
Mr. Russell questioned the Board about their preferences on
mechanics. The information he gathered will be presented
along with the finished manual at the Pre-Season meeting.
President Bob Loyd expressed his gratitude for the efforts of
Steve Hall for the Honorary Banquet. The meeting location and
meal received many positive comments from last year. The
meeting of CFOA was adjourned at 12:16 PM. The Pre-Season
meeting of CFOA will be held at the CHSAA office on Saturday

June 21,2014 at 9:00AM.
Next Meeting of the CFOA Board
June 21,2014 at the CHSAA Office

Clair Gausman Secretary /Treasurer